SWH Fourth Generation Performance
1. Better performance than conventional models in most of the conditions
2. Ability to provide 100-150 liters/day hot water for domestic applications
3. The system is able to provide hot water early morning

This design is potential to fit to a large range of applications, from small rural users until large scale industrial users with specific design.

Economic Advantages
20% cheaper system (in terms of system components maintenance)
Compact design causes to less infrastructures on the buildings
Less maintenance by stationary structure
Stand-alone, simple, cheap and reliable structure make the system easy to use
Flexible structure for domestic and industrial applications

Health Advantages
Indirect heating does not allow any contaminant to mix with water
Prevents growing legionella bacteria inside the conventional hot water tank
Instantaneous heating prevents getting any odor of water

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hendrik Simon Cornelis Metselaar
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Dr. Sajad Naghavi
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Welcome to CAM

This research projects started and managed in the Center of Advanced Materials (CAM) under the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. This center established in 2009 and aims to coordinate and strategize the research in the broad field of Materials Engineering. In 2017, Centre of Advanced Materials managed to have 13 members from different fields of engineering. CAM is leading by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hendrik Simon Cornelis Metselaar. The project for improvement of solar water heater with latent heat thermal energy storage was initially defined as PhD research subject of Dr. Sajad Naghavi. He developed the model and prepared the basic design, theoretical model, comparative studies and experimental studies of the first actual size prototype.